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Exterior - A dock

We open with a shot of Cade working on a small boat, the framing is such that the boat is in the lower left hand of the screen with the rest of the frame being the expansive ocean which goes on for unthinkable miles in all directions. Cade is going over a checklist; his boat is very well maintained. He has a bunch of supplies on the deck and he's meticulously maintaining a catalog of everything he brings aboard.

Cade is an avid sailor, his olive tan is a testament to how often he takes his boat out. Cade's practically lived on the water his whole life and he gives his lifestyle credit for his relaxed disposition and sense of calm. This trip means more to Cade, there's a reason he's taking it so seriously. He's going over the numbers on paper, checking all his instruments and surveying weather patterns. Checking over his own work like and inspector. As he scribbles through the pages of his note book he looks away from the water towards a grassy hill which slopes beautifully along a charming dirt pathway towards the docks. Glimmering in the sun he sees something that changes his whole aura, in that moment everything slows down. In that moment as the sun shimmers off the beautiful blond hair of the petite little woman he called his fiancé; in that moment he feel like he has all the time in the world and all he wants to do with it is watch her. He loves that girl.  She sees him looking her way and smiles, like always he gets butterflies in his stomach. The girl goes over the hill and down the pathway, for just a second she seems to lose control of the bike but regains her balance quickly. When she looks up again Cade is laughing to himself. She pulls up beside him and walks right into his arms.

Oh my God I wasn't expecting the dirt to be so loose at the bottom

Darcy. Use your breaks, those things attached to your handles. 
I hate my breaks.

Cade kisses Darcy on the forehead. 

I would have run over there and caught you at the last second y'know.

Awww...I almost believe that.

Darcy looks around at all the work Cade's been putting in. 

Cade, I didn't know you had so much to do. Let me help you.

Sure. Help me change out this bilge pump and then re-furl the sails.

Darcy looks at him, defeated by her utter lack of understanding any of the terms Cade just threw at her. Cade smiles back at her.

Baby I got this. This was my idea; I've been waiting to take you on this trip since we started dating. I'll make sure I have everything covered; I don't want you to worry about anything. Baby. We're going to sail around the world together.

We're going to be in the middle of the ocean and I've never sailed before. Cade...what happens if a storm hits?

Then we get wet and we keep floating. I've been through some incredible storms Darcy, you won't believe how beautiful the water is after one passes. We'll see rainbows for miles. 

What if a shark attacks us? 
Our boat? Baby, sharks can't hurt our boat. Even if they could I wouldn't let them, I'd punch it to pieces the second he looked at you funny.

Darcy laughs and Cade wraps his arms around her.

Be happy Baby.

As the two lovers embrace the camera pulls back, slowly at first over the water. As the camera pulls away it speeds up and reveals more and more ocean. Soon Darcy and Cade and their little boat are just specks surrounded by water, the endless ocean they’re about to set sail into.


Darcy and Cade are seated at the head of a table of well-wishers, behind them reads a sign that says "Congratulations Darcy and Cade". At the gathering are Darcy's parents, he mother goes to approach her.

Hunny are you sure about this?

No but I am excited about it. We'll be safe, I told Cade that I want to stay as close to the coastline as we can.

What happens if you get in trouble, you'll be all alone out there?

I WON'T be alone, I'll be with Cade and I trust him. 

Darcy's mom's look of worry doesn't fade but she doesn't want to rain on her daughter's party, Darcy sees her mother's worry and gives her a hug. Elsewhere at the party Darcy's father is grilling Cade comically on his preparations, running down a list of supplies he insists Cade stock for safety. The party guests all profess jealousy and well wishes towards the couple and are even there to see them off the next morning at the docks.

The morning is beautiful, there's a calmness to the ocean and with the sunlight dancing off the water Darcy sees for the first time a piece of the beauty that Cade is so eager to share with her. The two climb aboard the small boat and wave goodbye as the shove off. Together they watch the crowd filter out as they float away. 


It's a beautiful night, the lights of the city are at a distance and the stars in the sky have become more vivid, Darcy can't take her eyes off them. In the distance the sound of a high pitched clicking catches her attention but only for second. Darcy is laid out on a red blanket on the bow of the boat, around her are rose petals and candles which blow and flicker in the wind. Cade comes up from below deck holding a bottle of wine and two glasses.

You did think of everything.
He lays down beside his fiancé and stares deeply into her eyes. 

How come you never told me how pretty you look underneath the stars?

I didn't even know half these stars existed. I can't stop staring at them; the sky is so black out here. It feels like there's no more sky, like I am just looking right out into space.

Cade never looks up, he doesn't take his gaze away from her.

Space is pretty

Space IS pretty.

I love you Darcy

Darcy kisses him, the two drop their glasses and get lost in a passionate embrace. The camera pulls away from their intimate moment together, across the black water. The light from the candles still illuminate the ship as the camera pans further and further back across the ocean. Finally the boat is so far away that it's just a small flicker on the water. Loudly and startlingly a loud, amphibian sounding high pitched screech can be heard directly into the camera. The unnerving screech is followed by a watery clicking sound. 

INTERIOR - Below deck

The next morning Darcy wakes up alone in bed, the ship is rocking and there's a lot of movement up top. Darcy gets up to investigate; as she takes the small flight of stairs leaving to the deck she notices the clouds. It's early morning but there's the ominous darkness to the day, the clouds seem to be making their way downwards; bearing down on her. Cade is racing around the deck securing everything on the boat; he runs over to a radio and tweaks the dials until he hears someone on the other end. He gives his position to the person over the radio who tells him he's going to have to batten down the hatches and make it through the night on his own. This scares Darcy.

Cade races about, he ties down every line, brings supplies below deck and double checks every inch of their small two person sailboat. Finally he races back below deck and comes up with two life vests, he hands one to Darcy, the gesture cements the gravity of the situation in her eyes and it shows. Amongst the rain, the rocking of the boat and the frantic pace of the moment Cade stops to comfort his love.

I always knew we'd hit a storm Sweetheart, this was always part of the plan. We're ready.

Cade, I am freaking out.

You don't have to. Sweetheart I've stared into the eye of a million storms out here. Do you trust me?


I've got this.

What do we do?

The storm breaks and pounds down on the small boat.

I'll do what I always do when the ocean picks a fight with me, I fight back.

The ocean is in chaos around them, Cade stands his ground. He holds Darcy's hand.

The sunshine tomorrow is going to be beautiful.

With that Cade takes the wheel of the boat, he ushers Darcy inside as the storm assaults him. Darcy sits back and watches her fiancé fight for their boat. He shouts as the waves hit him and break apart on the side of their boat; he taunts daringly at the storm. Thunder shatters the sky; the whole scene is too much for Darcy. She covers her ears, puts her head between her knees and closes her eyes.

INTERIOR - Below deck

The camera immediately cuts to a shot of Darcy in bed, she's curled up into a ball lying motionless with her eyes open. The boat is rocking, the storm outside is still assaulting their boat. Cade is beside her, holding her tightly. It's a touching scene; he kisses her; holds her tightly and comforts her. Outside the storm rages on.

Day - Interior/Boat

Darcy wakes up to find herself alone again, the storm has stopped and the water has settled. There's a soft rocking and the sound of a calm ocean gently splashing against her boat. The door topside is open and gives frame to soft rays of sunlight as the day breaks. The sunlight outside is strong and gorgeous. It lifts Darcy's mood and she heads upstairs to find Cade.

When she gets to the top she can't see Cade, she looks around the small deck but doesn't see him, there are scrapes along the surface of the boat and the sails have be battered by the storm. The boat is in rough shape. Darcy races back down stairs to check for Cade, he's not there.

Now the panic is starting to hit her. She calls out of him.

Nothing but eerie silence.

Darcy looks in the water, running around the boat looking for some sign of Cade. There's nothing. He's vanished.

The disbelief hits her, it only took a few panicked seconds for her to search the small boat and he's nowhere to be found. She runs out onto the bow, her head spinning. He has to be in the water, he HAS to be in the water. She screams out again and again at the top of her lungs until her throat is coarse.


Silence. Darcy is frozen where she stands, silently begging Cade to show himself. She runs over to the radio; it's been destroyed by the storm. She goes back into the boat and tears it apart, looking for anything but finding nothing, no sign of where Cade went. She cries and screams until finally passing out from the stress.

Evening - Interior: Below Deck - It's getting dark

It's much later in the day, Darcy is curled up in a ball on the floor. She's wide awake and silently mouthing something inaudible. The room behind her is torn apart. She's broken, staring off into space trying to keep herself together.

A large splash is heard in the water near her boat, Darcy springs to life and runs to the bow of the ship; she calls out to Cade but there's still no response. The splashing came from about 20 ft away but it's too dark for her to see anything clearly. She frantically searches the boat until she finds a flashlight and races back to the bow to shine the light where she thinks she heard the splashing. She scans the water, her desperation and sense of panic is evidenced by the noticeable shaking of her light.


The light hangs on the water and catches a glimpse of something that disappears in an instant. It startles Darcy off her feet and she almost drops the light in the water, she steadies herself and shines the light back on the water. She refuses to believe what she saw, her mind races with possibilities; looking for an alternative explanation for what she thinks she saw. A face. A face of something in the water watching her, with large fish-like eyes and teeth.

In the distance she hears the strange sound of a high pitched clicking, the same sounds she heard on the first night only this time much, much closer.

Daytime - Below deck

The next morning's light fills the boat's small living space from above, amongst the mess all over the floor it's hard to see Darcy hidden in a darkened corner. She hasn't slept a wink, she's a nervous wreck. She's holding a knife close in hand. The sun comes right through her window and hits her in the face; the bright white light prompts her to move. She makes her way above deck.

It's a nice day, there's a strong wind causing waves to bounce off her boat and rock it, she makes her way to the bow. Darcy's still holding onto hope that Cade will show up. That she'll turn around to see him standing there as if he'd never left. She survey's the boat. It's covered in a black slime, there are deep scratches all over the boat and the sails are a wreck. Darcy takes the time to scan the boat for supplies, she has plenty of food to last her a while, all sorts of tools, fishing equipment, first aid kits and a flare gun. Cade made sure to be well stocked, he took good care of her.

Darcy is utterly lost. The gravity of the situation once again hits her and she starts to panic. She drops down in a ball with her head at her knees; burying her head in her arms. She closes her eyes and tries to get a grip on herself. She rocks back and forth, she cries, she thinks. Her head snaps back up, she remembers the radio. She runs over to it, the storm has done a number on it but it still turns on. The static is extremely heavy on every channel she tries. Through the static she can make out the faintest sense of people speaking.


Her voice is meek and desperate. Darcy flips around the dial, calling out for help to anyone who might be able to hear her. There's no response, there's no break in the static. She's alone. Suddenly, ominously cutting through the noise of the radio is the familiar high pitched clicking sound, it sounds amphibian and it's coming from the water about 20 ft out. Darcy stands up and scans the water with her eyes. She sees a wild thrashing several yards out, then the chilling site of death. Blood. She sees the water surrounding the area where she heard the sound turning red with the blood of a fresh kill. Darcy stumbles backwards. The sound coming from the water sounds frenzied. Darcy is feeling panicked.

The wind slams the sail behind her getting her attention, the sail is still down but the wind is strong enough to slam the jib against the taut rope tying it down. Darcy knows she can't waste this chance, the wind is strong and this gives her an opportunity to get moving. She has no training but can gather that the first thing she needs to do is to untie the ropes holding the rig in place so that she can begin to raise the sail. It's not easy for her but she figures out how to get everything lose and untied. Once it's loose she runs over to the rope and starts to raise the sails slowly, she gets a quarter of the way up before the wind catches the sail moving the boat but slamming the whole rig back and forth.

Darcy rushes to solve the problem before the violent slamming causes the sail to break apart, something is loose that's supposed to hold the jib in place but she can't get a hold of it. The sails swings around and collides with her, sending her flying in into the water.

Darcy hits the water and sinks slowly before she comes to seconds later, the blow rattled her. The water is frothing and hard to see in, beneath her is dark blue water giving way to blackness. Darcy sees her boat and swims towards it, but doesn't seem to be getting any closer. She surfaces to see the boat moving away from her, though the sail isn't up the wind and movement of the water are carrying her boat, her only lifeline away from her. Darcy races forward, swimming after the boat as it quickly drifts away, the look on her face is one of terror. Her mind racing with the thought of being stranded in the water and certain doom. The boat is always just out of reach, she's wondering how long she can keep going.

As she races forward she sees something out of the side of her eye. Something moving even faster than her, it's coming upward from below. It's hard to see, just a shadow but she can definitely see that it’s something moving towards her. She screams underwater and pushes herself ever harder, the boat is once again JUST out of reach and the shadowy figure is getting closer. It's big. She reaches forward with all of her might and grabs hold of a lose rigging hanging just over the side. She pulls with every last ounce of strength she has and flings her exhausted body over the side. She leans over the side staring into the water, and sees a figure shoot past the boat. The way it moves is foreign to her, the creature has long fins, sharp edges; a violent look to it. It startles her and she falls back, she's too exhausted to move.

In the distance she sees a splash; a long thin fin breaks the surface. Darcy passes out.


It's dark inside; the moonlit night casts a strong white glow through the window and into the room. Amongst the debris, hidden in a darkened corner sits a broken and terrified Darcy. She's holding a knife in one hand and the flare gun in the other. The ship is rocking. Darcy is mumbling to herself, the one constant in her ramblings is the name Cade. Panning in on her face; the effects of what she's been through are evident. She hasn't slept a second, her eyes are red, her hair is wild and her lips are dry. Behind the eyes is a mind at play; desperately trying to make sense of her situation. The shadows on the wall and the unearthly quiet of the ocean are pushing her fragile mind to its breaking point. 

A sound in the water cuts through the small room, a tapping, a soft bump, a scraping. It sounds like something is going along the boat touching it, inspecting it. Something in that deep, powerful ocean has taken in interest in her small, lonely boat. The effect of the knocking sound is paralyzing. Darcy sits frozen; tremors of fear shake her body and chatter her teeth. The sound makes its way to the front of the boat. At thud, a splash. A moment of silence. 

Movement again. It's on the boat! She grips her weapons tensely; her eyes wide, she's listening intently and trying nervously to stay absolutely quiet. She hears something slumping around on the deck; its movements are without any discernible pattern. It sounds like it's throwing something around, there's a slamming and a hissing followed by the sounds of wet crunching.

Listening to all this noise; Darcy's addled mind is infected by a thought. The idea that Cade somehow managed to make his way back to her, that up on that deck hurt, crawling around trying to get back to her. 


Darcy stands up, stepping out of the shadows and into the moonlight, she slowly and cautiously makes her way up the stairs with her knife in hand. Darcy's mind is racing; her nerves are screaming at her to run away and hide but her compulsion for answers is too strong. She steps onto the deck, it's very dark but she can see movement. She makes her way towards it, whatever it is it's large. About the size of a grown man, its movements are animalistic, amphibian. In the dark of the night she can't see anything for sure. She gets closer, softly she asks out loud.


The figure is startled, it snaps violently at her. She recoils, falling backwards. The figure looks right at her and then slumps off the boat. Darcy's eyes well up. It wasn't Cade, I was something horrible. Something inhuman, she saw scales, teeth, sharp fins and cold, killing eyes. Darcy runs back below deck to hide.

The morning light is bright; it's incredibly strong and cuts a striking contrast against the previous night's blackness. Darcy's still in her corner though in the light of the day it doesn't provide her with any cover. She still hasn't slept, she's been up all night hiding and listening. It's been quiet for a long time, she's lost track. It's time to move. Darcy gets up and makes her way topside where she had the encounter with the creature, she rounds the corner carefully. She's armed, in fact in her state she looks almost as frightening as anything she could hope to find up there. It's a beautiful day. 

The scene she finds is horrible, the entire deck is a dark crimson red, blood red. Scattered all over are the remains of what appears to be a large shark, it's been torn apart and eaten. The violent scratches and damage to the boat indicate a frenzied, violent feeding. The slamming of the jib in the wind snaps her out of it; she looks at the sail contemplatively. It's time. Cade isn't coming back and she can't sit still waiting for the monster to come for her. The boat is a wreck but if she can get the ropes set and clear the deck of all the debris she reasons that she can raise the sails and get moving. Motivated for the first time to affect her own circumstances, Darcy starts the task of getting this boat ready to move. 

She spends the day going over the last of her supplies, repairing her sail and rigging and getting it ready to be hoisted up into the wind. It's hard work; it takes all morning and afternoon.

Later in the day the sun is starting to lower in the sky, it's getting cooler and later in the day. Darcy is playing with the broken radio. She's speaking into it, it doesn't work but it provides her some comfort and offers her a chance to vent.

Am I alone?
I don't care if you can't even hear me; I just want to hear someone's voice. I am alone. Cade. I think I am going to die soon, I think something is hunting me. I don't know, I don't trust my eyes anymore. I have to leave here now, please tell Cade I wanted to stay and find him. I wanted to wait for him to come back to me but I can't. I don't want this thing to eat me. Cade. Why did you go? I need you...

She's interrupted; off in the distance the unmistakable high pitched clicking of the creature can be heard. It's coming.

Darcy stands up; she's finally motivated by fear to get her boat moving. Cade isn't coming back, he's gone. The high pitched sounds of the creature penetrate the coming dawn, she runs to her sail. Through trial and error she's finally figured out how to hoist her sail and lock down the rigging, she's not a perfect sailor and can't navigate very well but she's only interested in moving, she needs to get out of this spot where she's been stalked every single night by some horrible monster who she believes killed her fiancé. Darcy can see movement in the water; something is streaking towards her fast enough to kick up waves. Darcy fumbles with her ropes, she's tired, stressed out and panicking. It's getting darker and she's losing light. The monster's been sizing her boat up for days, each night becoming more comfortable exploring the boat. Darcy knows that if she's stuck here for one more night with this thing she won't see another morning, it will find her and eviscerate her. 

She snaps everything into place and almost instantly feels movement for the first time in a week, the wind picks up and soon she's quickly heading away from danger. She hears the call of the creature getting further and further away as the sun starts to set on the horizon. The only thing indicating the place in the water where she suffered through her most unimaginable nightmare is a small scattering debris from her boat. That's the closest thing Cade will get to a tombstone marking his grave, he's lost forever out here.
Darcy lets the wind take her as far it can as night falls, Darcy is exhausted. She hasn't slept in days, she's a wreck. She's barely keeping herself together and it's likely that even if she survives to see land again; she'll never be the same. The movement of the boat is equally calming and terrifying. It's the reason she was able to escape a creature that will haunt her nightmares for as long as she lives but on the other hand this wind could be pushing her further and further away from the shore. 

Darcy's slumps over against the cabin and slides to the floor, she has nothing left. Her head slowly falls to her shoulders, he eyes never quite shut. If she closes them she'll see him, Cade. Standing on the water asking her to come back for him, asking her why she left him. She finally fades, her body relaxes. It's quiet. Darcy rests for the first time. 

SLAM! Chaos. Darcy and everything on the boat are violently thrown forward; the boat was hit hard by something under the water.  Darcy is hurt and buried by falling debris. It's here. It followed her boat, it won't leave her alone. Won't let her escape. Darcy's pathetic and well-worn voice can only let out a squeak.


Darcy and her boat are hit hard by something under the water, she can't believe it. She thought she left this horror behind. She's slammed again. Darcy gets back to her feet. She's hurt; she reaches into her waistband and makes sure she still has her flare gun. Darcy runs to the wheel trying to steer away, it’s an act of desperation; she has no idea where the creature is. She's slammed again and knocked to the ground. From the ground she sees her sail come loose, it splashes down; half of it falling into the water. The ropes from the sail fly everywhere, some splashing down into the water.

Darcy rushes to fix it, it’s incredibly dark and she struggles to repair the sail. Darcy finds her flashlight and shines it on the tangled rigging. Suddenly the rigging starts unwinding into the water; something has grabbed a hold of the ropes and is pulling downward on them, deep into the sea. Darcy knows that when those ropes lose all their slack her boat is going to take a hell of a jolt. She runs to the stern, tripping over and getting caught up in the rapidly unraveling ropes on her way there, she clings to the side and braces for the worst.

With a violent jolt the boat snaps downwards, the bow of the ship yanked downwards towards the water. The Stern of the boat actually lifts into the air, higher and higher. For a second Darcy actually thinks her whole boat might be pulled into the sea. The ropes finally snap and send the boat crashing back to the water, the damage to the boat is enormous. The entire mast has snapped in half and the boat is dead in the water. Darcy can’t stand up, she’s been badly battered by the fall.

Looking out to the water Darcy can see something streaking towards her boat. There's nothing she can do now, she can't get away. She's going to come face to face with this monster very soon.

As dawn starts to break Darcy is clinging to a what's left of her boat, it's completely dead in the water. The creature that's now circling her has completely destroyed it and for the first time seems to be aware of her presence on the boat. She can hear the excitement in it's sounds, she can sense it's trepidation as it takes it's time to inspect the stalled wreck. Darcy knows she's doomed, there's no more doubt in her mind. Even if the creature were to turn around and leave her, she's still stuck in the middle of the ocean on a boat that's barely held together. The monster's clicking call is frenzied, she freezes. She can hear it scraping against the boat, she can't hide so she stays still. She can hear the splash of something pulling itself out of the water onto the boat, it's dark and she can just make something out from where she's laying. She sees something slump it's way onto the boat, it has dark scaly skin, sharp spines all over it's fins and a large tooth filled mouth. It doesn't walk, it just slumps forward, making its way around the boat. Darcy sits in complete fear. She's defenseless, she lost her flare gun in the chaos from before.

She tries to press her body as firmly against the side of the boat as she can, terrified to make any movements. The creature slumps around the boat, until it comes fully into view. She can see it's eyes, they're black and staring in her direction. The creature isn't sure what it sees, it approaches cautiously, Darcy tries to remain perfectly still in hopes that she won't peak it's interest. The creature slumps closer and closer, it gets very close. The water and slime of the creature drips onto Darcy's skin. The creature looks her up and down, it seems almost as nervous as she is. Curious; it goes in closer, Darcy closes her eyes in fear. The creature takes an exploratory bite into Darcy's shoulder; causing her to jump up screaming. Startled; the monster throws her across the boat. She lands hard, several feet away. Her shoulder is bleeding badly, she's slow to get up and the creature is coming towards her. She gets to her feet just in time to be pulled right back down by the monster who's grabbed a hold of her leg. It pulls her towards it's mouth. Darcy fights with everything she has to free herself but she's no match, her foot inches closer and closer to the creatures giant teeth. Darcy screams out as the creature takes a bite of her foot, she finally pulls it free, losing a large chunk of it in the creature's teeth.

In absolute agony now; Darcy crawls away though the small boat doesn't offer much room to escape to. Darcy leaves a pool of blood behind her with every step forward that she takes, the monster behind her has a taste for blood. Darcy crawls over-top of the sail lying prone on the deck, the monster is steps behind her. She gets a hold of some broken rigging and swing it around, hitting the creature. It's hide is meant to withstand the pressures of the deep sea, it's thick and dense, the blow has no effect. Unfazed; the creature pulls her towards it once again. Darcy claws at the sail, pulling at it in a desperate attempt to escape. She pulls and pulls until she reveals her flare gun hidden underneath. The monster pulls her in close and goes to bite her again, once it's teeth sink into her leg she screams out in pain. This time she fights back; clawing at the creature's eyes and causing it to drop her. Darcy crawls as fast as she can to the flare gun with the hungry monster following behind her, she can barely lift the gun with her torn up shoulder. The creature bears down on her once more, she manages to press the gun to it's neck and pulls the trigger. The flare tears through the monster's neck, burning a cavity deeper and deeper into the monster's throat. It falls to the ground and violently convulses. Flopping it's way back into the water.

Darcy is left alone, completely alone. She's on a broken, slowly sinking boat in the middle of the ocean and she's bleeding out badly. This is it, these moment are her last. The boat slowly drifts on the slow moving water, Darcy starts to lose consciousness. She sees Cade at the wheel of the boat, he looks at her reassuringly. A tear trickles down her cheek, she smiles. She closes her eyes and loses consciousness. Darcy stays unconscious for days while her boat drifts deeper into the ocean.

Darcy's feels the boat bump something, softly at first but then the boat comes to a sudden violent stop. Darcy lifts her head up, gets to her feet and wobbles to the front of the boat, she can't believe her eyes. She's hit land. A tiny island no bigger than a football field hidden away in the middle of all this ocean, the boat is finally finished and taking on water. Darcy hops off the boat and makes her way onto the island. It's barren, almost void of vegetation. Darcy starts to explore, it's rocky and littered with bones. Darcy walks the island, she see's all manner of carcass littered across the rocky landscape. Darcy freezes in her tracks, her face twists into a horrified expression. She breaks down. In front of her is Cade's partially devoured corpse. Behind her she can hear the sounds of the creature, then the sound of others, coming from several different directions. She's on her knees, she doesn't even turn around,she's given up. A few of the creatures lurch onto the island out of the water and slump towards her. She doesn't turn to look, she has no more fight in her, she's resigned to her fate. She plays with her wedding ring as they get closer. The camera closes on a shot of her wedding ring moments before she's killed for sure.


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